Highlight’s Yoseob Reveals How They Filmed The Famous Electrical Cords Scene In The Music Video For “SHOCK”

This was how they did things in the old days.

Ever wondered how they filmed “high-tech” K-Pop music videos back in the day? Although technology has improved such that these effects can easily be added on post-production, back in the day, things were done manually.

Highlight‘s Yoseob shared how the team filmed this part of the music video for “SHOCK”. The scene made a buzz back then, for its futuristic elements. Electrical cords seemed to move by themselves, surrounding Yoseob.

According to Yoseob, they had wanted to express the electric cords wrapping around him. However, there was only one way they could that.

They had to film things backwards!

They wrapped the cords around him first and had around 8 staff slowly pull the cords away from his body. When the clip was reversed in post-production, it would appear as if the cords were wrapping around him, instead of being pulled away.

Gikwang recalled that Yoseob had to even memorize the lyrics backward for the lipsyncing portion in the music video.

This is harder than expected, given that when words are mouthed backward, it’s not a matter of simply rearranging the lyrics. One had to break down the alphabet and piece them together backward, resulting in nonsensical language.

Yoseob certainly put in a lot of hard work for the simple scene! Of course, you can easily attain similar effects nowadays with CG. Check out his explanation of the music video filming below.