Hueningkai’s Sister Lea Chose Her TXT Bias, Here’s What She Said

Everyone loves a supportive family.

While one would think an idol member’s family would choose them as their favorite, that’s hilariously not always the case. Just ask NCT Dream‘s Renjun.

Wanting to know who the older sister of TXT‘s Hueningkai would pick as her number one, fans on Lea‘s live couldn’t resist finding out.

Jamming out to a few of TXT’s songs and chatting with fans during her live, Lea spotted a question that caught her attention. With “Run Away” playing in the background, she read it aloud, “Your bias in TXT?”

After taking a moment to decide who to pick, she did what any supportive older sister would. Making their younger sister Bahiyyih chuckle in the background, Lea stated, “Hueningkai.” She had two specific reasons why.

Having been a member of a girl group herself and watching Hueningkai grow, she admitted his skills. “He’s good at dancing and singing.”

Possibly realizing how cheesy that could’ve sounded, she cutely laughed at her own words. Fans loved it, though.

Any chance they get, the Huening sisters always show their love for their brother. Who doesn’t love to see such a supportive family?

Watch Lea be a proud sister by promoting her brother in the best way. Did you think she would choose anyone else?