NCT Dream’s Renjun Wanted To Take His Album Back After His Cousin Chose Her Bias

In this case, family wasn’t sticking together πŸ˜‚

Through his radio show Akdong Seoul, NCT Dream‘s Renjun covers everything you can imagine. While he helps fans with advice for their problems, like going through a break-up over chicken or being ghosted, he also shares funny memories and incidents involving his family.

During one of those entertaining airings, Renjun spoke up about the time his cousin completely blindsided him when choosing a bias.

Curious who she liked the most out of all the NCT Dream members and thinking he already knew the answer, he didn’t think twice about asking her.

Even though they were family, Renjun figured she might like another member. That’s why he thought she would say something like, “I like Renjun, but I also like this other member.” It hilariously didn’t end up that way.

Instead of having a moment of hesitation or softening the blow, his cousin went straight for it. There was one member that couldn’t be beaten. She confidently said, “I like Na Jaemin the most.” Who could blame her?

Since Renjun had been preparing to give the cousin their album, most likely their latest oneΒ We Boom, he joked that he wouldn’t give her any more of their albums. Let’s be honest, though.

Even Renjun can’t resist Jaemin’s charms. While the two of them are funny on their own, the two of them are funnier together and now will have even more moments between them.

When it comes to his cousin’s heart, Renjun will still be number one. Were you surprised by his cousin’s choice?