HYBE Is Educating Its Trainees On Cultural Diversity & Social Topics

“It is important for [trainees/artists] to understand each other’s cultures.”

HYBE, one of the leading entertainment companies in South Korea, is taking a progressive approach to training its aspiring artists. In a recent interview with Joong Ang Ilbo, the head of HYBE’s Training & Development department,  Shin Seong Jeong, revealed that the company is prioritizing cultural diversity and social topics in its trainee curriculum.

Shin Seong Jeong | HYBE

The philosophy behind HYBE’s approach is to empower their artists to develop independent thinking and gain a broader understanding of the world through firsthand experiences, according to Shin. Recognizing the significant influence idols have on their fans, especially those from diverse cultural backgrounds, HYBE aims to equip its trainees with the knowledge and skills to interpret information accurately and make informed decisions.

Because idols meet fans from various cultural backgrounds, they have a large influence.

— Shin Seong Jeong, Head of T&D

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To achieve this goal, HYBE has implemented various programs that delve into critical topics such as environmental issues, gender issues, multiculturalism, and self-directed learning. By providing comprehensive education on these subjects, HYBE seeks to foster a deeper understanding among trainees about the world they inhabit, as well as encourage them to appreciate and respect cultural differences.

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Furthermore, HYBE recognizes the importance of cultural exchange within its own artist groups. With members hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds, HYBE emphasizes the significance of trainees and artists understanding each other’s cultures. By promoting effective communication and mutual understanding regardless of nationality or regional origin, HYBE aims to create an inclusive environment where differences are celebrated and embraced.

It is important for [trainees/artists] to understand each other’s cultures as there are people from various cultural backgrounds in one group. It also meaningful that now they are learning how to communicate and to understand one another’s differences regardless of one’s nationality or province.

— Shin Seong Jeong, Head of T&D

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This commitment to educating its trainees on cultural diversity and social topics demonstrates HYBE’s dedication to nurturing well-rounded artists who are not only skilled in their craft but also socially aware and responsible. As the K-pop industry continues to reach global audiences, HYBE’s proactive approach sets a positive example for other entertainment companies, emphasizing the importance of cultural understanding and creating a positive social impact.


With HYBE’s forward-thinking curriculum, trainees can look forward to a comprehensive and enriching learning experience, equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate a globalized world and make meaningful contributions both within and beyond the entertainment industry.

Source: Joong Ang Ilbo
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