HyunA Blesses Fans With Fancy Gifts Again, But That’s Not What The Internet Is Jealous About

It’s the way she interacts with her fans.

HyunA has always been good to her fans, but her extravagant way of fan-love received a lot more attention especially since her return to the K-Pop scene with “Flower Shower”.


Her most recent round of gifts to her loyal supporters turned out to be in collaboration with her brand of endorsement CLRIDE.n. HyunA handed out padded outerwear to her fans, who battle the Korean winter to wait in line to see her perform.

Wow, HyunA gave us padded jackets.

— Twitter @TB920606


When the fans tweeted pictures and videos from the mini fan meeting where HyunA blessed everyone with her goodies, the internet went wild…


… but it wasn’t only for the quality of the gifts HyunA gave her fans. Netizens found themselves swooning at how tight-knit of a family HyunA and the fans looked!


Throughout the mini fan meeting, HyunA mingled with her fans so up close and casually:


And K-Pop fans couldn’t help but fall in love with HyunA being an affectionate sweetheart with her fans!

Source: THEQOO