HyunA’s Bougie Handouts Attract “Fake Fans” At Her Music Shows, Agency Takes Action

“Yuck, disrespectful freeloaders!”

HyunA, taking back K-Pop with her new bop “Flower Shower”, has recently gained attention for her most extravagant way of appreciating her fans!


On various online communities, HyunA’s fans showcased her undying love for them by sharing pictures of the most bougie designer gifts they received by attending her music show shoots.

Hyuna Handed out Designer Gifts to Fans Who Came out to Her Show


As her “goodie bag” went viral, HyunA ended up attracting fake fans who were only in it for the freebies. Taking advantage of the fact that HyunA’s music show shoots are relatively easy to sign up for, the number of people trying to see her music show shoots skyrocketed.


And the real fans realized exactly why. The agency was notified of these “fakes”, who then took measures to “filter out” the fakes by quizzing the most basic things about the star. A fan who witnessed the verification process claimed, “At least 40 people ahead of me got cut because they were fake fans.”

Today at the shoot, everyone was quizzed about HyunA. [The agency] also checked cellphone galleries and tried to verify the real fans who are there for the show! I was #62 in line, but after the process, I became #20.

— HyunA’s Fan


The fans who went through the checking process also commented that some of these fakes didn’t even know HyunA’s birthday. Korean netizens, upon coming across this news, are now heavily criticizing the “fake” fans for being shameless and completely disrespectful.

Source: THEQOO