The Touching Story Behind Hyuna’s Flower-Covered Boots

“There’s a reason why she’s so successful.” – Netizen

In recent days, the touching story of Hyuna and her flower-covered boots has been dominating the internet.

Last November 30, Hyuna attended the Asian Fashion Awards in Taipei, Taiwan.

And it’s on that stage where Hyuna was spotted performing in boots that were covered in real flowers.

The style was so unique that many fans were curious to know what that was about.

It was later revealed that Hyuna put the flowers on her boots herself.

She received countless flowers from fans in Taipei, but because she couldn’t bring it back to Korea on the plane, she decided to express her gratitude in another way.

By displaying them on her own stage outfit.

Hyuna recently received a lot of attention for showering her fans with fancy gifts such as Yves Saint Laurent makeup.

Hyuna Handed out Designer Gifts to Fans Who Came out to Her Show

Her sincerity has fans responding with comments such as “She’s an idol who makes the huge fans proud” and “There’s a reason why she’s so successful”.

Source: Insight