HyunA Once Called Out MBK Entertainment’s CEO For Starving T-ARA’s Hyomin

HyunA is a badass.

MBK Entertainment is a very controversial agency who has received criticism for their gross mismanagement of soloist Shannon in the past.

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This isn’t a recent trend with MBK Entertainment however. As far back as 2010, the cruel ways of the agency were starting to become apparent. At the time, MBK’s biggest act was T-ARA, who was one of the most popular girl groups at the time. They were only able to escape the clutches of MBK Entertainment in 2018, after 9 years.

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On an episode of Sang Sang Plus in 2010, T-ARA’s main rapper and vocalist Hyomin was a guest on the show along with HyunA, KARA’s late member Hara, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha. As the show returned from a commercial break, one of the MCs brought attention to the fact that Hyomin was eating excessively every time the show went to break. Hyomin looked uncomfortable during the exchange.

The MC shared a story about Hyomin where she admitted to him that the company was starving her so she could fit into tight outfights during promotions for “Bo Peep Bo Peep”. Her only opportunity to eat was when she was on the show as MBK Entertainment weren’t supervising her during this time. The MCs were trying to bring a comedic element to the situation which Hyomin started to play along with.

However, HyunA who was at the time just 18 years old, didn’t think the situation was laughable and started to speak up. She told Hyomin she would speak on her behalf. She looked right down the camera and addressed the CEO of MBK Entertainment.

HyunA showed her bravery as she called out a powerful man in the industry when she was just 18. Her wording was very stern.

It’s no use making her starve. She’s a member of T-ARA, do you think she won’t eat? She eats.

— HyunA

She grabbed Hyomin’s hand as Hyomin asked the agency to give her more food in the future.

After the MCs joked that T-ARA will be losing a member and 4Minute will be gaining one, HyunA said it wasn’t a bad idea as Cube as they actually feed their idols. You can watch the full translated exchange below: