The 3 Idols From Hanlim Arts High School Who Look The Best In Real Life, According To A Student

The Hanlim student picked 3 idols that had the most stunning auras.

Since many idols debut before they’ve even graduated high school, one of the schools members of popular boy and girl groups often attend is Hanlim Arts High School.

Because it’s common for the students to spot an idol on campus, one revealed which three looked just as stunning in real life as they do on stage.

ITZY’s Yuna wearing her Hanlim uniform at graduation.

Nineteen-year-old entertainment major Hong Hee Seo shared which of the idols she’s seen in her years at Hanlim Arts High School that “looked the best in real life.

The first idol that came to mind was the bubbly member of ITZY that can pull off any look and is just as loved by other idols for her charms. Hong Hee Seo didn’t hesitate to name the lovely Yuna.

The second idol was a member of TXT that had tons of offers from entertainment companies for his visuals and left one employee gushing about him. It was none other than the handsome Taehyun.

The third idol that caught attention was the maknae of VERIVERY that’s always stealing hearts with his soft personality and being a “national treasure.” It was the lovable Kangmin.

There was a reason why Hong Hee Seo thought of these three idols. Not only do they have stunning visuals that leave people starstruck, but they have unique colors that can’t be matched.

When I first saw a celebrity in person, I was like, ‘Wow! This person really is a celebrity!’ But of all the celebrities I’ve seen, those three people had the most outstanding aura, I think.

— Hong Hee Seo

Check out the Hanlim Arts High School student sharing which idols shined even brighter in real life.