iKON’s Bobby Shares His Progressive Views On Toxic Masculinity…And You Will Love Him Even More

“We stan a king who breaks gender roles.” — Fan

K-Pop rappers often display a “tough guy” image that is edgy and masculine, and Bobby of iKON is no different…at first glance.

He may be full of swag and charisma on stage, but he’s proven on numerous occasions that he has an open mind when it comes to issues regarding gender.

Specifically, his approach to dating was revealed on Yu Huiyeol’s sketchbook, where he emphasized the importance of respecting the woman’s boundaries.

The girl will either say yes or no. No means no.

— Bobby

Bobby’s confident answer shows his respectful approach to dating and fans love to see it. He also touches upon this in his song “Lean On Me” where he states,

Just because Wonder Woman is strong
That doesn’t mean it’s ok to hurt her.

— Bobby

Similarly, he’s often expressed that he rejects the rigid cultural norms of “what a man should be.” When asked who was the coolest member of iKON, he responded by saying,

Jinhwan, because he has so much cuteness. Men shouldn’t be cool just because they are men.

— Bobby

Bobby explained how a man can be whatever he wants to be and not just confined to the “cool, manly” archetype. Additionally, he has also resisted the harsh standards of masculinity through his personal style such as wearing crop tops

…as well as painting his nails!

He’s even unashamed to paint a little girl’s nails on iKON tv while sporting pink and a glittery bow.

Bobby’s sensitivity, respect for women, and resisting the norms of toxic masculinity show that he will be an understanding and loving partner one day!

Source: KBIZoom