iKON’s Fan Service And Performance Stole The Hearts Of Other Fandoms At “KAMP LA 2022”

The “KAMP LA 2022” line-up went out of their way to make the night memorable for attendees.

Many were curious how the first night of KAMP LA 2022 would go after it was announced less than 24 hours before that seven artists would be unable to perform at the festival due to the organizer’s failure to obtain the proper U.S. work visas in time.

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What was promised to be “the biggest, fully immersive K-Pop experience to ever hit the United States” suddenly drew comparisons to the infamous Fyre Festival as excited festival-goers, in the midst of their travels to LA, learned that their favorites artist(s) would no longer be performing. This upset came after fans were already expressing their disappointment and anger after some reportedly paid $2,000 USD for meet and greet tickets, while others paid over $179 USD to attend, only for free tickets to be given out to others.

To make up for the sudden gap in the performance schedule on Saturday, MOMOLAND and T149 were added to Saturday’s line-up in addition to their scheduled performance on Sunday, Oct. 16, despite having just arrived in the U.S. and facing jet lag, they gave fans their all.

Some fans who originally planned to attend the festival for artists who were no longer part of the line-up decided to stay and make the best of an unfortunate situation.

As attendees chronicled their time at the festival on social media, many people were won over by the powerful performances of the remaining line-up, which they may not have listened to before.

An overwhelming amount of fan accounts have agreed that the saving grace of the festival has been the artists and the effort they’ve put in to make the event as memorable for the fans as possible, despite facing technical issues, delays with translations at the event, and rain.

When it came to iKON‘s set, they seem to have won over the whole crowd, gaining new fans with their charismatic performance and next-level fan service.

Even the iKONICs in the audience were hilariously switching their bias during the group’s performance.

Another attendee shared that they asked iKONICs who Junhoe was, who was stealing hearts during the show, and were jokingly told he was a “backup dancer.”

iKONICs warmly welcomed new fans into the fandom, earning iKON new fans for life.

During their speech, iKON even asked for more time to speak with fans after the staff asked the group to move on to the next stage.

Although there is no good consultation for the disappointment and inconvenience felt by fans when there’s a sudden line-up change after travel, time, and money is involved, the artists who were able to attend warmed fans’ hearts by giving the show their all.

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