INFINITE’s L Shows Unexpected Response to a Fan’s “Disgraceful Comment” on His Instagram Photo

L must have felt the sincerity.

INFINITE‘s L recently posted a photo of himself looking fine as usual on his official Instagram account along with the caption, “This has the vibe of an older photo“.

The photo is a selfie that he took while flaunting a clean and natural face and long bangs that almost cover his eyes.

The way he was holding an iced americano while appearing to enjoy his leisure seemed to have excited many fans, but one, in particular, left a very long message expressing their love for him.

In Korean online communities, fans who show excessive love for celebrities are often called “disgraceful” or “embarrassing”, and this fan even acknowledged this and called their own post disgraceful while delivering their message.

The comment reads, “Oppa, you’re so unbelievably adorable. Just do everything you want to do. I know people will call me disgraceful or embarrassing for being such a big fan, but whatever. I’ll acknowledge it from left and right. I’ll roll forwards in acknowledgment.

What’s surprising is that L actually responded to this comment saying, “Hahaha, that’s adorable.

It appears that L sensed this fan’s sincerity and this only goes to show that stars such as L won’t think a comment is disgraceful or annoying if it’s filled with true sincerity.

Source: Dispatch


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