ITZY Battles Bugs In New Behind The Scenes Video

They’re cute even in the face of danger!

ITZY have dealt with their fair share of unwanted bugs. Yuna even once was frightened by a bug during a live stream! Well, it’s happened again, but this time to Ryujin and Yeji. How did the girls react?

(left to right) ITZY’s Yeji, Ryujin, and Lia |

Recently ITZY released a behind the scenes video for their shoot with Maybelline New York from the summer. It seems that because of the time of year it was filmed, more bugs were present than usual.

The first victim is Ryujin who is met by a large moth as she attempts to enjoy her time outside.

The next victim is Yeji who cutely swats at the bugs flying in front of her face.

However, fans know that Yeji isn’t scared of bugs.

Rather, she laughs at her misfortune, explaining that she tried to grab all the bugs but failed. She didn’t even catch one.

Yeji then says, “My hands are warm but they slip away”.

Hopefully for the rest of ITZY, they won’t have this problem again!

Watch the full video here!