ITZY’s Chaeryeong Went Full Fangirl When Meeting Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

As a SONE, Chaeryeong was super excited.

As a major “girl group stan,” ITZY‘s Chaeryeong was more than ready to go full fangirl when meeting a member of Girls’ Generation.

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As if Chaeryeong’s past reaction to Taeyeon‘s video acceptance speech wasn’t adorable enough, her reaction to seeing Taeyeon in person took the cake.

When Taeyeon walked past Stray Kids, Chaeryeong was the first to notice their senior. She was so surprised that she jumped in her seat and immediately covered her mouth.

Never forgetting their manners, the members quickly stood and respectfully bowed. In fact, Chaeryeong was so excited that she stood the longest, staring as Taeyeon walked by them.

Chaeryeong was so happy that Yuna cracked a big smile and laughed at her reaction.

Making the moment even cuter, Chaeryeong went full fangirl. She shook her head and pretended to shout into her hands from the excitement.

Since Ryujin mentioned Chaeryeong being a SONE during their appearance on Amazing Saturday and Taeyeon remembered her, she’s definitely a successful fangirl.

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