ITZY’s Chaeryeong Revealed She Broke Down In Tears Because Of Something IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon Told Her

Chaeryeong’s confession shows just how much she loves her sister:

Whether through their adorable interaction at ISAC, their super sweet moment from the 2019 MGMAs, any of the times the two hyped each other up, or lovingly teased each other, fans have felt the love between ITZY‘s Chaeryeong and IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon many, many times.

While everyone has already seen what an amazing bond the Chae sisters, Chaeryeong recently reminded everyone just how close they are when she opened up about the last time she cried.


On March 24, ITZY Were guests on MBC FM4U‘s Good Morning FM with Jang Sung Kyu. During the program, ITZY opened up about the struggles of their trainee days. When asked whether their trainee days were hard, Chaeryeong revealed that 2017 and 2018 were some of the toughest years for her.

Image: MBC FM4U’s “Good Morning FM with Jang Sung Kyu”

For me, 2017 and 2018 were the most difficult years. I didn’t really understand myself at the time. I shed a lot of tears back then.

— Chaeryeong

Hearing Chaeryeong confess she cried a lot back then, Jang Sun Kyu asked when the last time Chaeryeong had cried was. In response, Chaeryeong revealed it actually hadn’t been that long ago. The last time that she broke down in tears was during a phone call with her sister when Chaeyeon told her something that absolutely broke her heart.

A while back I cried while talking to my older sister. They were tears of sadness. She told me that she couldn’t sleep well and my heart broke because of that.

— Chaeryeong

Hearing the reason for Chaeryeong’s most recent tears, Jang Sung Kyu remarked that Chaeryeong must really love her family.

I can really feel your love for your family. You kept talking about your dad just now too.

— Jang Sung Kyu

And like Jang Sung Kyu, fans have been feeling the love between the Chae sisters too especially after hearing how Chaeyeon had confided in Chaeryeong and how Chaeryeong reacted to her sister’s heartbreaking words.

Source: Chosun