Why ITZY’s Choreography Drastically Changed

Have you noticed the difference?

ITZY is known for their impressive stages, often featuring high energy and sharp choreography.

Many of these dance moves may be considered physically demanding, such as bending excessively at the waist to one side…

…and even abruptly falling to the floor.

While ITZY makes performing look easy thanks to their dance skills, the choreography has actually made some of the members more prone to injuries.

The members have discussed overtime how the moves that used to be easier have started taking a toll on their bodies.

Chaeryeong shared how some of the tougher choreography has created physical problems with some of the members’ knees and backs.

In the past, it was our disc, but nowadays, it’s bad for our knees, too.

— Chaeryeong

Ryujin also discussed how the choreography of “WANNABE” used a lot of movements involving the members’ hips.

This came with a price and physically rendered her unable to do hip-oriented dance moves at that time.

It was to the point where I couldn’t do choreography with my hips anymore.

— Ryujin

Lia described that despite her young age, she’s feeling a lot of physical pain in daily activities.

Whenever the weather is bad or we have to climb the stairs, I’m feeling joint issues even at 23 years old.

— Lia

With all of this unfortunate news of the pain caused by difficult choreography, fans hope that in the future ITZY will receive choreography that preserves their physical health and prioritizes the safety of the members.

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