ITZY Picks Most Fashionable Member And Who Has The Craziest Style

“She has so many styles in her.”

ITZY sat down with Cosmopolitan magazine for a round of Drip Or Drop? to dish on all of the members’ fashion habits. Since every member has a different style, they revealed which members took the crown for the chicest and most adventurous.

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

The group couldn’t kick off the video without deciding who was the most stylish, with Lia asking the question.

Chaeryeong spoke for them all when saying, “I guess it’s Lia.” Even though Ryujin startled them with her laughter, she said, “She has so many styles in her.

Chaeryeong noted how well Lia could effortlessly change from “very cute [to] lovely styles.

After finding out she took the crown for most stylish, Lia had a question of her own. She wanted to know which member’s style was wilder than the rest.

Like before, Chaeryeong couldn’t think of anyone else who fit the category best. She said, “It’s also Lia.” The rest of the members agreed.

Ryujin gave an example of Lia’s crazy style by describing the details that take her fashion over the top:

She has really unique hats too. Her bucket hat is not just a bucket hat. It has something stuck on it, like flowers.

— Ryujin

| Cosmopolitan/YouTube

Lia can go from elegant to over-the-top and make it work. Watch the members rank their fashion sense here.


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