ITZY’s Hidden Talents Are Further Proof That They Were Always Meant To Be Together As ITZY

It’s not just their voices that are always in perfect harmony:

While ITZY already proved they were meant to be together as a group when everyone first got to see their voices coming together in perfect harmony, that’s not the only reason that ITZY are a match made in heaven! In fact, even they’re secret talents prove they were always meant to be together in ITZY!

In a recent five-part series with Buzzfeed K-Pop, ITZY dished on everything from their favorite dance move to their go-to karaoke song. In the third part of the series, however, they shared some of their hidden talents — hidden talents that they all share together!

Ryujin started off by revealing that every single member of ITZY have a passion for art and absolutely love to draw.

I think all of us like to draw. I don’t know if we’re really talented but we all like to draw.

— Ryujin

Although they weren’t able to show their shared talent for drawing during this particular interview, Lia revealed there was another hidden talent that every single member shared! Lia announced that they were all extremely flexible.

But we can’t really show that so, um, flexibility. We are all very flexible.

— Lia

The interview room may not have had enough space for each of them to show their talent, but after Lia was volunteered, she demonstrated some of ITZY’s flexible talent for everyone!

Sharing not one but two hidden talents? There’s no doubt that ITZY was always supposed to be together! See more of ITZY’s shared hidden talents below: