Lia Named Herself The Tidiest Member But ITZY Really Couldn’t Agree With Her 100%

“Tidiest is you, I think. But tidy person is not you.”

Connecting with J-14 magazine for a round of Band-fessions, ITZY dished on all kinds of topics including who the messiest member is and of course, the flip side to that, the tidiest! But where they could agree on the messiest, agreeing on the tidiest was a lot more complicated!


While they had easily answered many of the other questions when they got to one asking who the tidiest was, instead they sounded off on who wasn’t the tidiest before Lia decided to claim the title for herself! The only problem? Her members were NOT convinced!

I think it’s me.

— Lia

It wasn’t so much that they thought Lia wasn’t the tidiest member as Ryujin put it “Tidiest is you, I think“. Rather, they weren’t so sure any of them could be considered tidy!

Tidiest is you, I think. But a tidy person is not you.

— Ryujin

With the answer turning to be more than a little complicated, ITZY ultimately decided to give the question a hard pass!

Let’s be honest, that’s the most relatable thing ever! Check out the great tidy debate and more in the video below: