Lia Revealed How ITZY Have Always Been There For Her Even On Her First Day As A Trainee

Lia reflected on how ITZY helped her through her very first day:

Reflecting back on her trainee days, ITZY‘s Lia revealed how her members have been there for her from day one.

ITZY recently sat down with NME to discuss their firsts including their first day as a trainee. While Yeji kicked off the topic by revealing that the one thing she could remember clearly about her first day as a trainee were her nerves…

I was so nervous but at the same time, I felt like I was starting the next chapter in my life. I also thought I should work harder from that point.

— Yeji

Lia revealed she remembered her first day vividly. Like Yeji, Lia had been very nervous on her first day.

For me, I was definitely nervous and I remember my first day when I went there right after school.

— Lia

Lia recalled that after heading straight to practice after school she was confronted with her first-ever dance lesson. With a dance lesson right off the bat, Lia remembered that the whole thing was a big disaster.

It was like a dance lesson with everybody and I didn’t know anyone. That was my first lesson right away and it was a major disaster for me.

— Lia

Lia revealed how she struggled throughout the practice and at one point ended up in tears. As her tears were falling, however, the other trainees including those who would become members of ITZY with her immediately surrounded her and tried to help her.

I couldn’t do anything. I started crying and I remember the other trainees and my girls like giving me tissues and helping me out.

— Lia

Thinking back on it, Lia couldn’t believe that she had been so worried about everything at the time but she was grateful to all the trainees and her members for being so nice and helping her through her first day!

It’s funny to think of it now and it was really nice of the other trainees. And on my way back home on the bus, I was really worried. Like, how should I continue on?

— Lia

Learn more about Lia’s first day as a trainee as well as more of ITZY’s firsts in the video below: