ITZY Made Acrostic Poems For MIDZY And Each Will Warm Your MIDZY Heart

It hasn’t been long, but MIDZY already mean everything to ITZY.

On July 7, ITZY announced their fandom name to be MIDZY and on July 8 each of the members uploaded acrostic poems made for MIDZY from ITZY’s official Twitter account. If the name MIDZY (which is derived from the Korean word meaning “to trust”) doesn’t already give you all the feels, these poems definitely will.

First was Yeji & her poem reads “For MIDZY there’s only ITZY, and for ITZY there’s only MIDZY”.

Lia‘s poem for MIDZY reads: “Because we have MIDZY, we’re very happy in this moment.”

Ryujin said “There’s no doubt in my trust. The world’s very best MIDZY is on our side”.

Chaeryeong‘s poem reads: “Since we have MIDZY, even if things get difficult we won’t get exhausted! We love you!”

Yuna says “ITZY will protect MIDZY, so only trust in and follow ITZY”.

MIDZY may have only recently received their name, but they’ve been supporting and loving ITZY from day one, and that love and support clearly goes both ways.