With ITZY, Photoshoot Expectations Are Exactly The Same As Reality

What you see is what you get.

The members of ITZY are as beautiful naturally as they are when done up for photoshoots. A recent behind-the-scenes video proves that when it comes to them, expectations and reality are exactly the same.

For their photoshoot with Burberry x Marie Claire, ITZY showcased their stunning natural beauty with simple, fresh makeup and elegant designer looks.

ITZY’s Yuna, Lia, Chaeryeong, Ryujin, and Yeji (left to right) | Marie Claire

Behind the scenes, the members showed off their stunning visuals with professionalism.

| ITZY/YouTube

Ryujin got up close and personal to show off her natural makeup look but still managed to be breathtaking.

| ITZY/YouTube 

Her individual shot speaks for itself. It might not seem easy to take such a great picture.

But the process it took to achieve such a picture seems almost effortless.

| ITZY/YouTube 

Yuna often receives attention for her impressive visuals, and it makes total sense.

Even when she’s eating before the shoot, she’s gorgeous.

| ITZY/YouTube 

During her shoot, Lia is graceful as she tries different poses.

| ITZY/YouTube 

The final product is a testament to her beauty.

She even took the time to show off her outfit, proving that she rocked the clothing even while casually standing around.

| ITZY/YouTube 

Chaeryeong is pretty when posing.

But she may even be prettier when she’s working the camera.

| ITZY/YouTube 

Together Lia and Yeji show off their incredible teamwork to take stunning photos.

| ITZY/YouTube 

And Yeji is totally flawless in her colorful solo look.

| ITZY/YouTube

The members of ITZY don’t need fancy makeup or over-the-top clothes to look absolutely captivating, though they do that well too. Whether getting ready for a shoot or in the final product, with these young women, what you see is what you get: perfection.

Source: YouTube