The Members Of ITZY Reveal Their Best Beauty Secrets

“I always put on…”

In an interview with Seventeen, the members of ITZY took the time to sit down and answer seventeen interesting questions!

If you’re a MIDZY, you know all the members of ITZY have amazing skin! So what’s their secret? Well, the 11th question, the girls were all asked, “What are your skincare secrets?

Though it seems impossible to amazing skin like Chaeryeong‘s, Chaeryeong revealed she really doesn’t do anything towards her skincare. Lia asked, “Were you born that way?” To which Chaeryeong shyly replied, “Yes.”

Of course, while Chaeryeong is probably just naturally gorgeous, she did share she frequently changes her pillowcase since it can definitely harbor bacteria: “I change my pillow cover often.

The girls shared several other great beauty tips! Yeji shared that she always has to use some moisturizing lip balm: “For me, I always put on lip balm.

Like Yeji, Lia revealed she also uses a lot of lip balm; however, instead of lip balm, Lia called “Mult-balm.”

Yeah. Lip balm on my face and on my nose and my eyes and like everywhere. It’s like multi-balm.

— Lia

The group’s maknae commented that, in order to make her eyelashes grown long and lushes, she always tries to take care of her lashes because her eyelashes are “Precious.”

While very simple, Ryujin revealed a beauty secret that is actually a very important part of skincare.

I’m really lazy to do many skincares, so I just drink water. Enough water for my skin.

— Ryujin

Upon first hearing Ryujin’s skincare regime, her fellow members giggled but at its simplicity but agreed that drinking water is very important for the skin.

Check out the interview below:


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