ITZY Reveals How They Really Feel About Living Together

They spend a lot of time together.

The charming members of ITZY recently did an interview with Entertainment Tonight where they answered several questions regarding the chemistry in the group as well as their music!

After the interviewer asked about the group’s sound and style, he then asked about the group’s bond and whether or not they’ve grown closer since their debut.

Lia explained that the members are close now because of how long they’ve known each other and their long trainee period. Lia shared that they’re all basically sisters now!

I would say that we’re all like a family now. We’re more like a family, and we’re more like sisters now.

— Lia

Furthermore, Lia explained that, although they have been close since their trainee days, they have grown even closer after their debut. Debuting comes with a lot of hard work and a lot of hardships. Of course, going through difficult times together definitely builds a great bond!

We’re actually pretty, very close to each other, even before debut. Because we actually have known each other since when we were really young, cause we’ve all trained for quite a while. But I think actually debuting and going through the tough times and other stuff together and crying together and laughing together and other stuff as a team makes the bond more harder and close.

— Lia

The group’s maknae Yuna also added that their bond is very tight since they all live together. Yuna shared that living together has helped them get to know each other better.

And also we live together. That’s very important thing to know each other.

— Yuna

Following Yuna’s comment, the interviewer then asked if the girls love living together. As many K-Pop fans know, idol members of one group usually will live together in a dorm and fans are always curious to know what it’s like.

Well according to the members of ITZY, they love living together as they answered yes to the question. Of course, there are times where Yuna shared living together is not the greatest, but overall, it’s a joyful experience.

Well, not all the time! It’s very, very great and cool and really happy experience.

— Yuna

Check out ITZY’s interview below: