ITZY Wasn’t Ready For Ryujin’s BLACKPINK Fangirling

Everyone’s loving how much of a BLINK she is.

Between singing BLACKPINK songs in their live broadcasts and busting out the choreography to match, the girls of ITZY have proven how much they’re fans of their seniors. In a moment where Ryujin suddenly showed her BLINK side, none of the members were ready.

Ryujin and Lia. | @ITZYofficial/Twitter

In the first episode of IT’z PLAYTIME, the girls sat down for a lie detector test with cute kids asking the tough questions.

One of those questions was whether or not Ryujin sang in the shower. Ryujin responded, “Not most of the time. But, yes. I have been singing in the shower.” They couldn’t leave it there and asked her to sing a bit of her go-to song.

As soon as Ryujin warmed up by singing one note, her members were already laughing. Ryujin playfully warned them, “Don’t laugh!

After they settled down, there was only one song Ryujin wanted to sing.

She sang the opening lines to BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That”. Lia, Yuna, Chaeryeong, and Yeji chuckled as they hid their faces. Even Ryujin chuckled along with them.

Whether she’s singing “Lovesick Girls” in a live broadcast or “How You Like That” in the shower, fans are loving how much Ryujin is a BLINK.

Rosé | roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Check out Ryujin making her members laugh by tapping into her BLACKPINK fangirl.

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