ITZY’s Ryujin Receives Love For Her Unique Half-Bleached Hair Style

She pulls everything off.

ITZY‘s Ryujin recently received love for her unique half-bleached hairstyle that she showcased in “LOCO”. The group made a stellar comeback with the catchy song in September. While her rare appearance with long, straight black hair was a treat for longtime fans of the group, her unique half-bleached hair style caught the eye of many.

She rocked the e-girl, punk style to perfection. Ryujin’s bangs are dyed blond, while her shoulder-length black hair was intertwined with matching highlights.

The look was paired with a single shade of blue on her lids and a bold red lip, giving off very retro and Y2K vibes.

Paired with a distressed denim jacket and a black lace minidress reformed with a red color block, only Ryujin could pull it off.

We’re going “LOCO” for her!

  • “F*cking suits it.”
  • “I love it. She looks like a heroine that has a screw loose.”
  • “Wow so my style.”
  • “I like it.”
  • “Ryujin, you’re everything. You’re so cool.”
  • “Ryujin is doing it all, she pulls everything off.”


| theqoo

We definitely agree! Queen Ryujin can rock any look.


Source: theqoo