ITZY’s Ryujin Picks Between Being Known For Her Iconic Blue Hair Or For Looking Like Actress Han So Hee

Ryujin really didn’t see this question coming!

On their recent appearance on IDOL League, the members of ITZY answered several interesting tough questions!

When Ryujin‘s turn came around, the show’s MC Sandara asked her a very tough question that her members loved!

Do you like being known for your blue hair? Or do you like being known for looking like Han So Hee?

— Sandara

Following the asking the question, Ryujin exploded with laughter and her fellow members jumped up and down! Yeji commented, “That’s a good question.”

To give some background information regarding the question, Ryujin is very well known for her iconic blue hair during ITZY’s WANNABE era!

While all of the members shined, many consider WANNABE to be Ryujin’s era! With her blue hair and legendary shoulder dance, Ryujin was killing it!

| ITZY/YouTube

As for the part of the question regarding popular actress Han So Hee, many Miracles have taken notice of the two’s big resemblance to each other! Ryujin is known to look like several other Korean celebrities as well, such as Apink’s Naeun and actress Lee Yeon Hee. Ryujin even discussed all three of her lookalikes on an episode of Knowing Bros.

While it’s flattering to be compared to a beautiful celebrity, Ryujin revealed she rather be known for her enchanting blue hair: “For my blue hair.

Like she has stated in the past, Ryujin clarified that she gets shy when being compared to her gorgeous celebrity lookalikes.

When people compare me to Han So Hee, I don’t know how to react.

—  Ryujin

Check out the video below: