ITZY’s Ryujin Reveals The Top 3 Celebrities That People Say Are Her Lookalikes

Once you see the resemblance, you can’t unsee it!

During ITZY‘s appearance on Knowing Bros., Ryujin revealed the celebrities that people most often compare her visuals to.

Ryujin admitted something she hears quite often is her resemblance to actress Lee Yeon Hee.

Ryujin’s unique aura is very similar to the stunning actress…

| Cosmopolitan

…especially when the two are put side by side!

Next, she revealed she often hears her resemblance to actress Han So Hee.

Netizens have previously noted the similarities between the two and their “handsome” beauty.

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Lastly, she revealed the person she heard the most during her trainee days was Son Naeun.

Once you realize their similarities, it becomes blatantly obvious!

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The girls revealed Ryujin is a master of concepts and taking photos so she’s able to look like various celebrities.

Plus, it helps to be as gorgeous as she is!