ITZY’s Ryujin Opened Up About How Nervous She Felt During Her Very First Live Stage

It’s hard to believe Ryujin was ever nervous to hit the stage:

Whenever ITZY‘s Ryujin steps foot on stage, she not only does she have an undeniable stage presence but she owns the stage like a total boss. While it looks like Ryujin has never faced a case of the nerves in her life, she recently revealed her first-ever live stage was a little bit different.

ITZY recently sat down with NME to talk about some of their first experiences. They talked about everything from their first day as trainees to their first-ever live gigs.

And for Ryujin, her first live gig was one she remembered well. She explained that her first live performance was a trainee showcase and at the time, she was felt she hadn’t done as well as in practice.

It was the trainee showcase that I first did live. I was so nervous I couldn’t do as well as the practice.

— Ryujin

Since she was even younger then, she recalled being really upset after she had finished recording and even revealed she had cried because of it.

I was like, 15 years old (at the time) so I was really young. I was so upset that after the show I really cried.

— Ryujin

Thankfully, Ryujin can look back on her nervous first and laugh about it now! And to top it off, she showed all the nerves she felt back then who the real boss is as she consistently dominates the stage time and again!