ITZY’s Ryujin Took On A Space Hopper World Record And Wouldn’t Rest Until She Beat It

Spoiler: She did!

Through 1theK OriginalsKKINNESS Challenge, idols are challenged to take on some of the weird, wacky, and wonderful records recorded by Guinness World Records. ITZY were the latest idols to take on a few records and all of them, especially Ryujin, weren’t ready to go home without beating one!

Among the records they were trying to beat, was the world record for the most bounces on a space hopper in one minute. For this, ITZY had to bounce back and forth over a line as many times as possible within a minute. To beat the record, ITZY would need to surpass the Guinness record of 108 bounces!

With ITZY all fired up to take on the challenge, Lia immediately realized that there was a loophole in the rules that meant a person wouldn’t necessarily need to sit on the space hopper to beat the record.

With Lia’s genius plan on everyone’s mind, Yeji decided to kick off the challenge by trying it out. Unfortunately, she was just shy of reaching the record!

After one failed attempt, ITZY nominated Ryujin to take on the challenge! Knowing that she has a fierce competitive spirit and a strong ability to adapt to any challenge, ITZY were confident that if anyone could beat the record it would be Ryujin!

With her competitive nature burning up, Ryujin bounced all the way to the one minute mark and matched the record!

While the news immediately had all of the members congratulating Ryujin and celebrating, ITZY couldn’t help but wonder if Ryujin could set a new record. After all, she had hit 108 bounces on her very first attempt! And with a little bit of encouragement from ITZY, Ryujin agreed to take on the challenge again!

As her competitive spirit burned even more intensely than before, Ryujin put her all into beating the record…

And managed to do just that with 111 bounces!

Now Guinness just needs to make it official! Watch Ryujin take on the challenge for yourself below: