ITZY’s Ryujin Can’t Get Over What Yeji Did On Their Last Day As Roommates

Here’s what Yeji had to say 😂

ITZY has since changed roommates, but Ryujin still can’t believe what Yeji did on their last day as The Roomies!

In a recent behind the scenes video, Chaeryeong and Yeji were talking about being new roommates when Ryujin brought up Yeji’s habit. “She just turns off the light, doesn’t she? So I couldn’t do anything!

Chaeryeong insisted that she isn’t the type to do that. “No, I’m not like that.

To further explain her point, Ryujin recalled the last day she and Yeji spent as roommates. She had just come back from a fansign event when she noticed that all of the lights in their room were already off.

I was once coming back from a video call fansign event. I came back at around 10 pm. All the lights were off and she was sleeping. What should I do?

— Ryujin

It shocked her because it was still early at night.

It wasn’t even midnight. If it were 11 or 12 o’clock, I’d get it. It was 9! At 9, she turned all the lights off. How could you go to sleep like that?

— Ryujin

The reason why it upset her was because she and Yeji had previously made plans to throw a party.

Besides, it was our last day, so we planned to throw a party.

— Ryujin

When Lia jealously asked why it was just the two of them celebrating, Ryujin clarified their intentions, saying, “It was the last day of The Roomies.

Meanwhile, Yeji defended herself by insisting that it would have been fine for Ryujin to open the lights.

I never told you to not turn on the lights! ‘Ryujin, you can turn on the lights.

— Yeji 

Hopefully, Ryujin and Yeji can still push through with their party even if they are no longer roommates!

Source: ITZY