ITZY Snacked On Lemons And Officially Fulfilled Their Music Show Promise To MIDZY

They did it just for MIDZY!

ITZY have officially fulfilled their promise to snack on lemons for their music show win!

Image: @ITZYofficial/Twitter

When ITZY were guests on the March 17 broadcast of MBC FM4U‘s Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song At Noon, Kim Shin Young asked if they had any first place promises for music shows and Chaeryeong came up with a very sour plan. To help promote vitamin C intake and immune system health, she promised that ITZY would eat lemons if they won.

Image: @mbcradio12/Instagram

Two days after making the promise, ITZY’s “Wannabe” came in no. 1 on M! Countdown. Unfortunately, ITZY weren’t able to have a snack fest with the fruit the day they took home their first win but MIDZY were still hopeful that a lemon eating party.

And luckily, it did! On March 20, ITZY went live to show MIDZY they hadn’t forgotten about their promise.

Armed with their lemon, ITZY soon began snacking on the sour fruit and within moments they had completely finished the whole thing!

And just in case any MIDZY came into the live a little late, they even proved they had really finished off the lemon by showcasing a few of the leftover seeds.

Seeing their dedication to finishing off such a sour fruit just to fulfill their promise to MIDZY proves once again just how much ITZY loves MIDZY! Watch ITZY devour  their lemon and fulfill their promise to MIDZY below: