ITZY Members Talk About The Video That Was Uploaded To The Public Without Them Knowing

JYP you have some explaining to do.

JYP girl group ITZY took to their V Live to talk about a dance practice video that was uploaded without them knowing.

The video in question is what seems to be a dance practice of their hit song “Not Shy” but it’s different from your usual dance practice videos. In the video, you can hear the 5 members of ITZY singing live while dancing along to their song.

Still from ITZY “Not Shy” video | Youtube

It has been revealed through their V Live that this video was actually not meant to be uploaded or shared. The girls talk about how it caught them all of guard and how it all went down.

Actually, the uploading of the video was not a part of the plan.

— ITZY’s Lia

We didn’t record it so that it would be uploaded or shared.

— ITZY’s Lia

We recorded it in an effort to get ready for our Not Shy promotions.

— ITZY’s Lia

It’s actually something that we do everyday.

— ITZY’s Chaeryeon

Thankfully, many of our fans really enjoyed the video.

— ITZY’s Yuna

We were really happy and relieved that our fans liked it.

— ITZY’s Chaeryeon and Yuna

Whew, we’re glad everything worked out for the girls. Check out the videos below!

Source: theqoo and V Live