ITZY’s Yeji Had Fans Going Wild With Her Aegyo But Chaeryeong Was Having None Of It

She was so done with Yeji’s aegyo:

ITZY‘s Yeji might have had MIDZY going wild with her aegyo but when Chaeryeong got the full effects of Yeji’s cuteness, she was just so done!


ITZY recently met up with MIDZY for a fan event where they got to have plenty of fun with each other and fans. While there were a ton of amazing moments from the event, there was one moment in particular that had fans melting and cracking up!


At one point, Chaeryeong along with the rest of the members began singing the “Nyam Nyam” song for Yeji so she could dazzle everyone with her aegyo!


But after Yeji’s first round of aegyo, Chaeryeong was already feeling a little bit of secondhand embarrassment from all that cuteness.


So when round two came around, well, Chaeryeong was just so done!


The adorable aegyo from Yeji mixed with Chaeryeong’s hilarious reaction is just too cute (and funny) to handle!