ITZY Cutely Expose Yeji’s Huge Love For All Things Sweet

Everything about Yeji is sweet including her taste in snacks:

When it comes to sweet, opinions can be pretty divided. Some people aren’t fond of sugary things while others absolutely love them and according to her members, ITZY‘s Yeji definitely belongs to the latter!

| @1077power/Instagram

Playing a game of superlatives with Seventeen, ITZY was asked who the sweetest member of the group was, definitely not an easy task with all of the members being absolute sweethearts.

With such a hard decision to make, Chaeryeong decided to take things a little more literally, choosing Yeji not only for her sweet personality but also for her great love of all things sweet!

She really likes sweet things!

— Chaeryeong

Loving Chaeryeong’s extra take on the question, ITZY couldn’t help laughing along as they voiced their agreement and begun discussing Yeji’s super sweet tooth.

Every day…your pocket, your bag…always in something!

— Chaeryeong

As Yeji burst into laughter as her members exposed her love of sweets, Ryujin couldn’t help adding that Yeji is guaranteed to have a sweet snack on her at all times!

Everywhere she goes she takes snacks. The food that she eats is always sweet.

— Ryujin

And in the end, even Yeji couldn’t deny it! Agreeing 100% that she definitely loves sweets!

I…yeah. I like it!

— Yeji

Looks like Yeji isn’t just a total sweetheart, she also loves all things sweet too! Watch ITZY expose Yeji’s sweet tooth and more in the video below: