ITZY’s Yeji Picked Her All-Time Favorite Look — And Literally Everyone Agrees

She snapped with this one. 😍

Recently, ITZY‘s Yeji revealed her choice for her best makeup and fashion look to date.

Yeji’s looks range from bold and fierce to experimental and trendy…

…and if one thing is certain, she never looks plain!

However, her favorite look of all time for herself was from STUDIO CHOOM’s “Artist Of The Month” video where she performed a dance cover of “River” by Bishop Briggs.

The gorgeous performance showed her sexy and bold side, complimented by her smoldering femme fatale makeup.


Yeji revealed she had never tried anything quite like this before — which made her love it even more.

It was my first time to try a red lip and smoky makeup.

— Yeji


However, the reason she really loved it is because it was 100% her call!

I really liked it because [it] was my idea!

— Yeji

Everyone can agree that this was her look!

Watch the incredible performance with the stunning look in action below.