ITZY’s Yeji And Ryujin Have The Smoothest Unintentional Pick-Up Lines, And We Can’t Help But Blush

They’re naturally sweet!

ITZY‘s Yeji and Ryujin aren’t just capable singers and dancers, they’re also great entertainers!

ITZY’s Yeji and Ryujin 

Their witty lines were everything in the third episode of Codename ITZY S2. After the game where they tagged each other while blindfolded, the group was divided into two. Yuna and Chaeryeong, the two equally lowest scoring members, approached the staff together to receive their prizes of keys.

They were disappointed when they were only given one key each. The pair tried to negotiate with the staff, saying, “Earlier you gave the same number of keys for those who were tied!” and “I think people who are tied should get three keys each.”

When Chaeryeong brought out the full force of her aegyo to distract everyone…

…leader Yeji responded with, “Hey, YuChae flowers, come back here!” Even when berating them every so lightly, she used a sweet endearment!

She wasn’t the only one who was naturally cheesy! Ryujin added right after, “You’re more beautiful when facing us.” Who wouldn’t want to turn around after hearing that?

ITZY is definitely the sweetest to each other! Check out the full video below for more cute moments.

Source: YouTube