ITZY Was Supposed To Be Focusing On Their Photoshoot But All Yeji Could Think About Was Food

Same girl. Same.

When your hungry it’s pretty hard to concentrate on anything else but getting some delicious food into your mouth, like right now! Even ITZY have felt the irresistible pull of food, especially Yeji who simply couldn’t stop thinking about snacks during one of their photoshoots.

Dispatch recently dropped the photos and video from their photoshoot with ITZY in LA. As always, ITZY absolutely glowed as they had their photos taken and took in some of the sites around LA!

In between takes, ITZY would share a little bit of their experience with MIDZY and when it was time for Yeji to speak, well, food was definitely on her mind!

The pictures are turning out really nicely, and all that’s left is to eat something delicious!

— Yeji

Although Yeji was more than ready to eat, they still had a few more locations to scout and photos to take. As a result, ITZY were soon splitting up into teams with Yeji and Lia heading out to find some good spots to take photos together.

At first, the duo found some cool graffiti art to use for their photos…

But it didn’t take long for Yeji’s hunger to win out, because their next stop? Yep! Food! Luckily for Yeji and her stomach, Dispatch totally rolled with it and she ended up getting something to munch on while completing the photoshoot!

Well, you just can’t say no to some delicious food, right?