ITZY’s Yeji And Lee Daehwi Just Revealed They Are A Lot Closer Than Anyone Realized

The two just had a heartwarming reunion.

 ITZY‘s Yeji and Lee Daehwi just revealed they actually have a close relationship! During a recent livestream broadcast ahead of their MC gig for M! Countdown, Lee Daehwi and Yeji talked about everything from Yeji’s nerves at MCing to the performances everyone should look out for during the program.


But what really caught everyone’s attention was when the two revealed that they’ve known each other for quite some time.

“Yes, Daehwi and I know each other. We used to be trainees at JYP Entertainment together.”

— Yeji


Although the two have known each other for a long time, this was the first time that the two had met up since their debuts!

“We do know each other. I haven’t seen her in 3 years. I am very happy to see ITZY debut successfully like we did and felt like I was the one who had debuted. When I watched your M! Countdown encore stage when you won, my heart hurt so much seeing you all cry.”

— Lee Daehwi


After hearing Daehwi’s emotional feelings, Yeji gave a thank you to ITZY’s fans before giving some love to Daehwi.

“We’ve only recently debuted but so many fans have shown us so much more love than we deserve. Thanks to it, we were able to come first place quickly. ITZY will do our best to meet your expectations. Also, I want to wish Daehwi the best too!”

— Yeji


Their reunion was incredibly sweet and heartwarming! Check out the whole livestream below.

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