A Fan Saw ITZY’s Yuna At A Cafe And Shared What Happened, Proving Just How Adorable Yuna Is

The fan felt bad Yuna had to rush through the meal.

We all know that ITZY‘s giant baby is also a big eater. Despite her perfect body, Yuna loves food! A recent sighting by a fan proved just how much she enjoys eating. The post was uploaded onto D.Gel Mania, a community cafe of sorts. Later, it was picked up by SBS‘s news outlet.

| D.Gel Mania via theqoo

This was at a cafe near Gangnam, around the time where you get off work, so there’s only office workers around. ITZY’s Yuna was eating a bowl of patbingsu (shaved ice with red bean toppings) all by herself. She ate with her head down, without resting for even a second and left kekekekeke.

Everyone was glancing at her from time to time while eating. But only when she left, did everyone start whispering about her. It’s my second time seeing Yuna but I’m still so fascinated. Everyone was whispering about how cute and pretty she was.

I wanted to ask for a photo and tell her I was a fan, but she really was eating the bowl of patbingsu so, so hurriedly as if she was afraid someone would see her, so I felt bad for her and couldn’t try to speak to her.

The photo was taken after she left the cafe and was about to go out because I felt it was a pity!

— Fan via D.Gel Mania Cafe

According to someone who re-uploaded the post onto a different community site, theqoo, the photograph taken of Yuna was also originally put up. However, they quickly took it down.

Here’s another instance where Yuna devoured patbingsoo instead! Isn’t she adorable?

Source: SBS Fun E and theqoo