ITZY’s Yuna Stepped Up Her Curry Dance Game While Teaching Her Unnies How To Perfect The Moves

Yuna added a few new moves to her legendary dance!

Mention curry to any MIDZY and the first thing that will come to mind is ITZY Yuna‘s absolutely legendary “make a curry” dance. Yuna first created the moves to show what it’s like to, well, make a curry during a fun livestream with her unnies.

Since the first dance appearance, Yuna has thankfully blessed us all with plenty of opportunities to see her bust out these moves. She’s busted out the moves during ITZY’s lives, while on vacation in Paris, and plenty more times too!

While Yuna’s dance has remained relatively the same since she first came up with the brilliant moves, she recently decided to add a little extra pizzazz to the dance and made sure her unnies learned the changes so they too could perfect the dance!

ITZY recently teamed up with Weekly Idol to do a surprise livestream and during this live, ITZY were all set to bust out the legendary curry moves. As her unnies got their groove on and made some quick air curry…

Yuna quickly put a stop to their performance. The reason? She wanted to make sure they were following the groove perfectly while using just the right amount of intensity!

Stop! Stop! During this part, the groove is the most important. Like this!

— Yuna

Although Chaeryeong was surprised to find Yuna had made a few changes to her dance, soon enough all of them were going just as hard as Yuna and flawlessly performing the legendary “make a curry” dance!

When did it change, Yuna-ah?

— Chaeryeong

With Yuna’s instructions, you too can get your curry dance on! Enjoy all the curry fun below: