ITZY’s Yuna Vlogs Her Daily High School Life 

Come take a tour of her school!

ITZY‘s Yuna recently graduated from high school and decided to vlog her final time at the school for fans to enjoy!

First, she showed off her Hanlim Arts School uniform. The stunning color and logo are gorgeous!

| ITZY/YouTube

Next, she bundled up and made her way through the school gate.

This is the sports ground, I usually did my P.E. tests here.

— Yuna

Then, it was time to retreat from the cold and enter the building.

Locker #13 belongs to her!

She made her way to her exact classroom…

…and went inside for an exclusive tour.

From the board to the teacher’s desk, she showed off the nice features of the room.

Plus, the view isn’t so bad!

Congrats on your graduation, Yuna!

Watch her entire vlog below.