How ITZY’s Yuna Maintains Her Hourglass Figure During Busy Schedules

She doesn’t have a full workout routine but does a few other things.

ITZY‘s Yuna has such a glamorous hourglass figure that she often goes viral for her unreal proportions.

ITZY’s Yuna |

She previously said she doesn’t have a workout routine for maintaining her figure but recently revealed her method for staying slim.


During an episode of Jenny’s Laundry Room, model Jenny Park couldn’t resist asking Yuna about her famous hourglass figure. Yuna revealed that she’s been too busy to exercise outside of her schedules but has a few things she does instead.

Jenny Park and ITZY’s Yuna.

Rather than do an entire exercise routine, Yuna takes it easy with “some stretching” and always stays hydrated.

She doesn’t limit what she eats, either. If she eats a few snacks late at night, she does a few planks to burn off the extra calories.

Yuna also does a few pushups for a bit of variety in her light exercises.

See Yuna tell Jenny Park the simple ways she maintains her hourglass figure during busy schedules.