ITZY Yuna’s Reaction To Her Birthday Surprise From MIDZY Is Hitting Everyone Right In The Feels

Fans got to see the moment again and it’s as sweet as ever:

In the latest episode of ITZY‘s Tourbook, MIDZY got to travel back in time to the beginning of December for ITZY’s showcase in Manila. While fans got to see plenty of behind-the-scenes content and relive some of the fun and excitement from the event, there was one moment in particular that caught everyone’s attention — Yuna‘s reaction to all the birthday wishes she received!


As the event took place on December 8, one day before Yuna’s birthday, MIDZY who attended the showcase made sure that Yuna had an amazing time. During the event, MIDZY not only brought tears to Yuna’s eyes as they say “Happy Birthday” to her…


But they also left her feeling overwhelmed by all their love when they! Yuna hadn’t believed that she wouldn’t receive so much love for her birthday but she did (and plenty more too)!

During the showcase event, many fans wished me a happy birthday. To be honest, this is the first time in my life I’ve had so many people wish me a happy birthday. I’m so thankful to have people like MIDZY in my life.

— Yuna


The moment was so emotionally-charged that all of the members were feeling the effects!


Yuna and ITZY weren’t the only one feeling overwhelmed by MIDZYs’ gesture, however! While many MIDZY had their hearts warmed by Yuna’s precious reaction back in December, seeing it again or even for the first time in the Tourbook episode has been hitting everyone right in the feels.


Everything about the moment was incredibly sweet and special! Experience the full effects of MIDZYs’ early birthday gift to Yuna below: