ITZY’s Yuna Now Cares Less About What Others Think, Here’s Why

It’s an admirable change!

ITZY Yuna‘s attitude towards people’s opinions has changed over the years, and it’s now healthier than ever!

Recently, ITZY sat down for an interview with Seventeen, where they talked about the length of time it takes to memorize lyrics, prioritizing their mental health, and their relationship with fans.

ITZY | JYP Entertainment

When it comes to her relationship with fans, Yuna explained that in the past, her only thought was about what they would like. It reflected the most in her facial expressions and attitude.

Back then, I thought about what MIDZYs like, like my facial expressions or attitude.

— Yuna

Now, however, she has grown to trust fans so much that she knows they will accept her no matter what. Because of that belief, she feels comfortable enough to show them her true self.

But now, I don’t care about anything because I trust MIDZY. I try to show who I am just as I am.

— Yuna

Yuna knows that she no longer has to appear picture-perfect all the time because fans will love her nonetheless. That’s the way it should be!

Aside from discussing her relationship with fans, ITZY’s Yuna also talked about a common reaction among international fans about her personality. Check it out below!

ITZY’s Yuna Noticed That International Fans Keep Saying One Thing About Her

Source: YouTube