More Of ITZY Yuna’s Past Photos Have Been Released, Proving She’s A Total Visual Queen

Life is unfair.

ITZY‘s Yuna has always been known to be a total visual queen. Recently, she was even praised for having what Koreans called “actress-like visuals”. MIDZYs are no strangers to Yuna’s pre-debut photos. In fact, that was how many knew that she played team sports in school!

New pre-debut pictures of the bubbly star popped up on online K-Pop community, Pann. These photos were taken when she was still in her schooling days.

There’s a small bandage on her forehead but it doesn’t stop her natural beauty from shining!

Pose, girl, pose!

What a “girlfriend” type shot!

This was the SNOW app that everyone was obsessed with, not that she needed it.

Her aura was different from young.

Definitely born to be a star!

There’s even a baby picture of her as a bonus. Her huge eyes were already evident back then.

God sure spent more time on Yuna! How lucky.

Source: pann