ITZY’s Yuna Shares How She And Ryujin Got Rid Of Their Awkwardness

“It felt like that boundary disappeared.”

In a recent episode of 2TZY: Hello 2021, ITZY‘s Yuna shared the story of how she and Ryujin lost the awkwardness between them when they were still getting to know each other.

After Ryujin thanked Yuna for the change she brought to the group, Yuna shared why she is grateful to Ryujin. Yuna praised her for being generous and kind even if she’s “very different at times.”

I’m glad we have you on our team because there’s no other character like you on our team. You’re the member who is very different at times, but you’re also the one who’s the most generous and kind at times.

— Yuna

In her defense, Ryujin explained how she doesn’t have a younger sister, so her relationship with Yuna is a new experience.

That reminded Yuna of a past birthday greeting Ryujin left for her on Instagram: “Right, frankly speaking, I heard what you said and was so touched that I kept thinking about it.

Yuna then recalled the words Ryujin left for her.

‘I’ve never had a younger sister, so I think I might have been awkward with you and sometimes not so caring, but thanks for being by my side.‘ You said something like that.

— Yuna

After reading the birthday greeting, Yuna was so touched that it was as if her heart had melted.

It sort of felt like my heart was melting. Until then, I was kind of…well, you don’t really open your heart that much. But when I heard that, it was nice because it felt like that boundary disappeared.

— Yuna

The awkwardness between them completely disappeared, and the rest is history!

Watch the full video below to see more of Yuna and Ryujin!

Source: ITZY