ITZY’s Lia Is Being Dubbed As The Idol With The Vibe Of All The Big 3 Agencies

She’d suit any company!

ITZY‘s Lia is being praised for her visuals, with people saying she could fit in in any of the Big 3 (SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment) agencies.

With her timeless beauty and pure image, she would fit in at SM Entertainment. Most newbie fans don’t know this, but the idol actually was an SM trainee before moving over to JYP Entertainment!

She has the vibe of the kids at SM Rookies.

– Korean Netizen

Of course, as a member of ITZY, her fun and bubbly visuals and personality suit the company! Her free-spirit on stage is definitely what Park Jinyoung looks for in idols.

Lia also happens to have a swagger to her, making her fit YG Entertainment’s hip vibe. Many agree that if she were to be put into BLACKPINK, it wouldn’t look out of place at all.

It just goes to show that Lia is genuinely a perfect idol!

Source: TheQoo