IU Looks Absolutely Stunning As The New Model For Binggrae’s Banana Flavored Milk

We love a queen who knows the importance of saving the environment.

IU has recently been revealed to be Binggrae’s new model for banana milk as they start their #지구를지켜바나나 (save the earth banana) campaign. This campaign will help shed light to the social topic of the environment. Binggrae has been showing interest in the environment and fans are excited to see what they will be doing to help the crisis. “We are excited to collaborate with IU with our banana milk to spread the message of protecting our environment.”

IU also recently posted a photo through Instagram to reveal her collaboration with Binggrae.

Let’s take a look at some photos that prove she is the perfect match for this product and campaign!

You can also watch her campaign video on how to recycle and save the planet!


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