IU And Beyoncé Rocked The Same Expensive AF Gucci And Balenciaga Outfit But Served Totally Different Vibes

It costs how much?!

IU and Beyoncé are both queens of the music industry, so it’s only fitting that they be dressed as such!

IU (left) and Beyoncé (right) | @dlwlrma/Instagram and @beyonce/Instagram

Both of these singers are known for their gorgeous voices and their impeccable fashion sense, and they recently wore the same wildly expensive Gucci and Balenciaga outfit.


Piece in Gucci and Balenciaga’s the Hacker Project collection | HIGHSNOBIETY

Gucci and Balenciaga recently teamed up for the Hacker Project. Through this limited-edition collection, Gucci’s designer Alessandro Michele and Balenciaga’s creative director Demna Gvasalia “hacked” each other’s signature looks to create an epic collaboration that combines the best of both Gucci and Balenciaga. The collection is full of vibrant patterns, the brands’ logos, gorgeous handbags, and knee-high boots.

Black canvas jacket from The Hacker Project | Gucci

One of the most expensive pieces in the collection is a $13,000 USD crystal-bedazzled jacket. The single-breasted jacket has front pockets and an hourglass silhouette that accentuates the wearer’s figure.

| Gucci

IU wore the jacket at her cover shoot for the November 2021 episode of ELLE Korea.


She wore the skirt over the matching jacket, which costs $7,500 USD.

| Gucci

She wore crystal pantaleggings (pants and leggings) underneath the skirt. The pantaleggings have shoes high-heeled shoes attached to them, and they cost $10,800 USD.

| Gucci

She accessorized with a $1,390 USD choker, an $11,800 USD crystallized anatomical heart-shaped bag, and $1,150 USD crystal hoop earrings. Everything but her earrings was created as part of the Hacker Project.


All together, IU’s outfit costs a jaw-dropping $45,640 USD!

| ELLE Korea/YouTube

IU served elegant yet modern vibes in this outfit. Her matching coat and skirt looked a bit like a business suit, and the crystals and designer logos added a huge glam factor to the look. The heart-shaped bag added a cool edge to the outfit and made the crystal-bedazzled outfit even more interesting.

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

Beyoncé rocked the same look in her latest Instagram post. She posted photos of her trip to Las Vegas with her entrepreneur and rapper husband, Jay-Z, for his birthday.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z | @beyonce/Instagram

Beyoncé wore the same coat, pantaleggings, and handbag that IU wore during her ELLE Korea photoshoot.

| @beyonce/Instagram

Beyoncé opted to wear the coat and pantaleggings without the matching skirt. She accessorized with $250 Roberi & Fraud sunglasses, Gucci crystal-studded fingerless gloves, and Messika earrings. The Gucci gloves are not listed on the website, so pricing information is unavailable. The earrings’ price is available upon request.

| @beyonce/Instagram
| @beyonce/Instagram

Considering the price for her earrings is only available upon request, it’s safe to assume they were very expensive! Her gloves appeared in the promotional videos for the Hacker Project, but they’re not currently listed on the Gucci website. However, considering the price of everything else in the collection, they likely cost at least a few thousand dollars.

Excluding her gloves and earrings, Beyoncé’s outfit costs $35,850.

| @beyonce/Instagram

Beyoncé served major superstar vibes in this outfit. By deciding not to wear the skirt that matched her coat, she made the Gucci and Balenciaga look totally appropriate for a date night in glitzy and glamorous Las Vegas. The coat and leggings showed off her enviable figure, and her expensive accessories added even more sparkle to the crystal look. The outfit was just as sparkly as some of her most iconic stage outfits!

| @beyonce/Instagram

Although IU and Beyoncé both served different vibes in their expensive Gucci and Balenciaga outfits, they both slayed and looked incredible!

Same Fit, Different Vibes